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Movado Watch Serial Numbers [PORTABLE]

The various numbers on your watch generally serve to date it and to prove its authenticity. While the reference or model number stands for the whole watch, components like the case and movement also have numbers. They tend to be used to determine if a particular component is an original part of the watch. This is especially important for fans of vintage watches with original parts.

Movado Watch Serial Numbers


The reference number is the model number. It identifies the watch model as a whole. Using the reference number, you can usually learn information such as the watch type, material, dial, and the movement. Since there is no standard rule as to what information has to be included in a reference number, you may find watches with identical reference numbers that are actually different versions of the same model. This can sometimes be the case with Rolex watches.

Check to make sure that the serial number of the watch is correct. Call the customer service number located on the Movado website and cross-check the serial number with a company representative. The company meticulously catalogs all watches made and shipped out, and its representatives will be able to tell you whether you have a real Movado watch. Also, check for any errors in grammar and spelling on the inside of the watch and on the watch face. Most replicas are made in foreign countries so spelling and grammatical errors are likely. 350c69d7ab


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