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[S4E16] The One With The Fake Party ((FREE))

Rachel is still intent on pursuing her attraction to work client Joshua; however, when he lets it slip out that he's not ready to date girls, she is thrown off course. Emily's stay in the United States is about to end, and with two days to go, Ross has a romantic evening planned out with her. But Ross' plans are quickly shattered by Rachel, who throws a "bon-voyage-Emily" leaving party for Emily, who is surprised, but Ross tries to carry out the romantic night, but Emily keeps talking to the guys and no time is left for anything he planned for them to do at all.

[S4E16] The One With The Fake Party

For me, The One with the Fake Party (S4E16). This is the episode in which Rachel throws a fake good bye party for Emily so she can invite Joshua and impress him. Can't get through it - so awkward, cringy and unfunny. I'd prefer to skip it. Brings out the really ugly sides of Rachel too.

Many fans of "Friends" opt not to rewatch Season 4, Episode 16, "The One with the Fake Party." Rachel decides to throw an impromptu going away party for Ross' girlfriend, Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale). However, her motivation for doing so is entirely self-serving. Rachel needs an excuse to lure her crush Joshua Burgin (Tate Donovan) to her apartment. She meets him while working as a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's. "Always the one where Rachel throws a fake party for Emily to get closer to Joshua," wrote u/fuue on the subreddit r/howyoudoin. "It drives me crazy how Rachel acts around Joshua. Seriously. Who would be THAT desperate. He's not that cute," stated u/IsThatADinoOnUrTie.

When Kyle shares his frustration with his friends, Cartman suggests that he call the police and tell them that his parents have been "molestering" [sic] him, which will make them go away (a trick he played on his mother's ex-boyfriend). After some practice to get the accusation right, Kyle makes the call and the police arrest his parents, despite Sheila's tearful pleas that neither she nor Gerald did such a thing as they are taken away. The boys then go to the concert and Kyle later hosts a party at his parent-free home and dances in his white underwear to the song "Old Time Rock and Roll" (a reference to a classic scene in Risky Business). Seeing how liberated they are without parents, all of the children begin calling the police on their parents and teachers resulting in the adults being taken to prison. Even Shelley, Stan's sister, is arrested after she is about to attack Stan as he celebrates their parents' arrest (though it is never shown what happens to her while the adults are in jail). Soon, nearly all of the town's adults have been arrested, the rest having moved away over fears of being arrested and only the children populate the town. With the adults gone and the town in the children's control, Stan declares, "It's ours."

(No, not evens. What is up with this fake marriage? Is it fake? Is it real? Nolan wants to be married to Louise, is attracted to her because she's beautiful but doesn't want to make this an actual, real marriage and wants to be attractive to other people, hence the reason he leaves his ring all over the house. I'm so confused.)

A polar opposite to Skips, Quips is very optimistic, caring and kind person. He is also a jokester, though he has very bad jokes that annoy people, which includes the Park employees, a taxi driver, Reginald and Gary. At the end of episode, he realized that his jokes are not funny, except, they are very annoying, he felt remorse and apologized to everyone he annoyed with his jokes, but Skips found him a job as a party entertainer and Quips was happy by his new job.

Michael then decides that he can slap some sense into Stanley by fake-firing him, when he does so Stanley threatens to file a lawsuit against him. Michael tells Stanley that the firing was fake, but that only makes Stanley outraged, telling Michael that he is a professional idiot. Michael is hurt by this and loudly tells Stanley to stop it, he then makes everyone leave the room and has a conversation with Stanley, bluntly telling him that he is his boss and won't be talked to that way. Stanley then agrees that even though he has no respect for Michael, he will not talk to him the way he did anymore. Michael asks Stanley's opinion on a new idea of his, to which Stanley replies "It has potential to be your best idea yet".

Sheriff Forbes comes by the Salvatore house and meets with Elena. As there is underage drinking, she tries to stop it, to which Elena responds by shoving her against a wall. Caroline and Stefan rush over, and Caroline is furious with Elena, but she, Elena, leaves while they are distracted. Realizing the party was a diversion, Caroline and Stefan head into the woods to find Elena before she hurts someone.

Damon comes home to find the party and joins in, but becomes annoyed when Rebekah shows up. She questions why he wants the cure since Elena has broken her sire bond (having heard Damon's talk with Stefan earlier); giving her the cure would only push her back to Stefan. Damon responds by questioning why Rebekah wants it. While being a human can be a happy experience, he argues that the life of vampire is preferable, as the human life is dull in comparison. He leaves Rebekah looking upset and receives a call from Stefan asking for help with Elena. 041b061a72


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