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HACK Vray 3.4.23 Max 2019

hey bertrand, maybe you know my boss justus etemeyer from eve-images (berlin). i have to say, you do pretty amazing stuffs! i also use peters method. cool to ear from your workaround for sharper shadows, i will test it right away. the thing is, what i am doing is seting the light dome to invisible and using the same vrayhdri also in the enviroment slot. what i get is control over sky (background) and over gi (light dome). tell me what you thinkim still figuring things out.

HACK Vray 3.4.23 Max 2019

Download File:

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the image below shows the same trick in action using four home-made, very high-resolution hdr maps. the renders on the left use the maps with their default gamma of 1.0. on the right, the gamma was lowered to 0.5. look at the difference in shadow definition and general punchiness (click for higher resolution). the easiest way to do this is to use.hdr images in a vrayhdri map, which features a live gamma control.

i'm not trying to be mean, but i've been using vray for 3d for over 7 years now and i feel it needs a serious overhaul and i have to share my experience. here's what i'm noticing with vray 3.4.23 max.


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