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Tranny Surprise Stories

I shrugged and returned to the story as the main character in the story just comes to the realization that the headmistress of the school has a cock. I imagined Beverly a co-worker lifting up her skirt to reveal a cock, or my tomboyish sister-in-law Terry coming into my room during a visit and taking my ass with a surprise cock. Every time I see a beautiful woman now, I don't wonder if they are shaved or hairy. No, I wonder what the odds are that under that skirt, or inside those jeans, is a big cock looking for a place to get warm.

tranny surprise stories


"You have offered your hot friend to stay in a hotel room with me?" I repeated, surprised. Mia was easily her hottest friend with massive tits she loved to show off, was a major flirt and was, surprisingly, single.

Being called a cocksucker after the playful banter was another surprise, but I answered, as I stood up and positioned myself in front of her, "Just shut up, cunt licker, and take my cock in your ass like the slutty gangbang princess you wish you were."

Smalltits trans woman goes to the house of her new neighbor and she then surprises him while hes taking a bath.After that,she throats his big cock passionately and she lets him bend over and she then fucks his tight ass.

She turned over and got up and started to do a sort of strip tease. She pulled down her very short skirt and revealed her nice white thong, I couldn't believe her ass it was so damn good. Then something strange happened. While still turned round she said 'promise you won't be angry or upset', obviously i asked why, but she was insistent I promised and so I obliged. she pulled down her thong and turned round. There it was right in front of me was a big floppy cock, it even challenged mine in size at around 7-8 inches. I thought about what had happened but then I pushed it aside, why not I told myself. I grabbed hr hips and pulled her towards me, while she was still standing I took her cock deep into my mouth, I was surprised at how far down her shaft I made it. It was surprisingly good I loved to suck cock, especially as she had tits also.

She forced her ass down over my cock and it was a great feeling I came after only 4 rams up her ass but continued to go. We were now on the floor and I was all over her kissing her neck and playing with her tongue with my own. Just then all my friends walk in, they had had a key from reception, I didn't even notice but kept on ramming her, luckily they saw that I was in the middle of something and left, to this day most do not know it was a tranny.

Stepdad almost forgot the birthday of his shemale stepdaughter.After that,he surprise her and he puts ice cream on his dick and lets her suck it passionately.In return,he licks her ass first before he fucks it so deep and hard.

Sabrina is an insatiable woman. She has often compared her sex drive with that of a teen-aged boy. Sex is always on her mind and she loves to masturbate, watch porn, write dirty stories and most of all... have delicious phone sex with her many admirers. Not only does she enjoy the mutual masturbation that phone sex provides, she also loves to get to know her clients and is a natural GFE. The discriminating gentleman will find everything he needs from Sabrina: an intelligent and witty "girlfriend" who offers great conversation followed by an epic orgasm. What more can a man want?

Trans girlfriend Shiri Allwood is soooo excited to surprise Jean Hollywood with a 3-way massage with hot cis masseuse Christy Love. She just KNOWS Jean will have a great time getting naughty with Shiri and Christy...

By the way, I read in AutoWeek that one issue GM has is that Saab was designated as the developer of its dual-clutch auto-manual transmissions. Why the heck is GM bothering with developing its own dual-clutch tranny when there are so many out there ready to buy? 041b061a72


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